The Rhodopes Mountains are the oldest land in the Balkan Peninsula.  The Rila Mountains and the Pirin Mountains are their neighbors to the West, the Plain of Thrace borders the Rhodopes from the North and the East and their southern border is the Aegean Sea Depression. The Rhodopes Mountains are about 240 km long and about 100-120 km wide.

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The The name of the Rhodopes Mountains comes from the Greek name Rhodope (rosy-cheeked), the name of Queen Rhodope of Thrace from Greek mythology. The Rhodopes Mountains comprise of many rolling mountain ridges divided by deep river valleys and spacious hollows. The scenery in this mountain is superb – gentle rolling hills, rich green valleys, and magnificent limestone gorges, fascinating caves, Thracian and Roman roads, picturesque ancient villages with centuries old houses, mosques, churches and humpbacked bridges. The hospitality of the people in the mountains is famous and unhurried pace of life is impressive. Mild climate, numerous mineral spa resort, many caves with fantastic formations, abundant flora and fauna, and delicious local food make these easy to explore mountains an ideal tourist destination.

  • Goliam Perelik - 2191 
  • Siutkia - 2186 m
  • Malak Perelik  - 2147 m
  • Goliam Persenk - 2091 m
  • Batashki Sneznik - 2082 m
  • Malak Persenk  - 2074 m
  • Prespa - 2000 m
  • Modar - 1992 m
  • Svoboda - 1943 m
  • Beslet - 1938 m
  • Snezanka - 1926 m