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Why should I book with you?
  • For several reasons. First of all we take great care of preparing your itinerary in such a way as to ensure that you will tread the best trails and see the most beautiful places for that limited amount of time you can afford to hike. Secondly, when you book with us you won't be worrying about shelter (it might be nice mountain hotel on the top of a ridge, family guesthouse in a picturesque village, or hut near beautiful tarn in high mountain corrie) and food (always the best available). And, finally our prices are very attractive.

About the trip

Do you arrange luggage transfers between overnights along the trail?

Sometimes we do, sometimes we do not. As a rule in the high mountains (Rila and Pirin) for the variety of reasons (one of them lack of roads between the huts) people travel from hut to hut carrying all their belongings in a rucksack. In Rhodopes mountains it is possible to organise luggage transfers between overnight stops.

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