The golden autumn is here! Come to Bulgarian ancient forests for walks and watching their autumnal splendour!

The hot summer days came to an end and stepped back as to provide space of the most stunning season for the nature-lovers. The golden autumn is a fabulous time to experience the changing colours in ancient woodlands. Bulgarian forests are surely one of the best places in the world to see the autumn rainbow of colours. Thirty five percent of the land of Bulgaria consists of forests. Their flora encompasses more than 3800 species of which 170 are endemic. They are home to 426 bird species and over 100 mammal ones. The canopy of the forests is composed of ancient pines, firs, spruces, oaks, beeches and maples, which range from 30m to 60m high. You can see these woodlands in their entire autumnal splendour: deciduous trees with golden, ochre, red and copper leaves set against the stunning back-drop of the rocky walls and evergreen conifers.