With its numerous snow Mountains, Bulgaria is an inviting place for real outdoor recreation during the winter. Many hikers consider the end of the summer days is also the end of the hiking season. But despite being covered with deep snow, some of the mountain trails are still traversable. In wintertime hikers could not only be as active as in the summer, but can explore a different kind of amazing experience. Snow changes dramatically woodlands and mountains. It creates forms and shapes as if it's magic. With the help of some additional gears, such as snowshoes or crampons, nature-lovers can reach places that are generally unattainable. Winter hiking is extremely rewarding. Everything is different for all the senses: the views of strange figures cut from ice, the vivid sunrises and sunsets in cleaner and cooler air, the smells of the fresh pine resin, and the sounds of crunching snow crust. As well as the incredible feeling of leaving the first steps in the fresh snow and creating your trace behind you.

So grab your camera, because it is time to find new inspirations from the Winter Wonderland!

mechit1 semkovo1

Govedartsi Village - Mechit Hut

Dobarsko Village - Semkovo Hut - Treshtenik Resort

 venetica1 maked1

Kostenets Resort-Venetitsa Hut - Dolna Banya Resort

 Resort Bodrost - Macedonia Hut