The most astonishing natural wonders of the Bulgarian Mountains are their rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Many picturesque groups of lakes, surrounded by awe-inspiring rocky landscapes, are situated high above the sea level, in the very heart of the mountains. Their pristine and cold waters turn violet-blue at sunrises and tangerine-orange at sunsets. The stunning views evoke your desire to capture in photographs those mesmerizing ripples or mirror-like reflections. The rivers start their long journey from the lakes to the vast plains. They flow along deep valleys and majestically jagged ravines. The running waters drop from the edge of the precipices and forms dramatic waterfalls or joyful jumps over rocky steps in the shape of scenic cascades. These hikes along lakes, rivers and waterfalls are well worth a visit, as they show the water’s most alluring qualities from its motion and power to cut deep gullies to its play with the light.

So grab your camera, because it is time to find new inspirations from the Winter Wonderland!

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