Kostenets Resort - Venetitsa Hut - Dolna Banya Resort


This two-day walk is a hike in the lower forest part of Eastern Rila Mountain. The Eastern part of Rila Mountain is the widest and with greatest number of high peaks over 2000 m. However, their slops are prone to avalanches during the winter. In order to avoid danger, we offer a trail along forest roads and paths, which goes through beautiful glades. It starts at Kostenets Resort, crosses the clearing Yrukova Polyana, and reaches the Hut Venetitsa (1400m) on the first day. During the second day the walk starts from the Hut Venetitsa and finishes at Dolna Banya Resort.
Venetitsa Hut is a small forest hut. Despite the basic conditions, it offers a warm welcome and romantic atmosphere. It is supplied with water and electricity.
The villages of Kostenets and Dolna Banya are rich in historical sites. They are famous for their hot spring waters. There are many hotels which have wellness centers and recreational swimming pools. Near Kostenets Resort there are waterfalls that are well worth a visit.


   DAY 1  DAY 2
Starting point:  Kostenets resort (800 m / 2624 ft) Venetitsa Hut (1400 m / 4593 ft)
Finishing point: Venetitsa Hut (1400 m / 4593 ft) Dolna Banya Resort (820m / 2690 ft)
Highest point: 1400 m / 4593 ft 1400 m / 4593 ft
Ascent: 600 m / 1968 ft No
Descent: No 580 m / 1900 ft
Time: 2 hrs 5 hrs
Difficulty: Medium Easy
Special equipment: Snowshoes Snowshoes