Dobarsko Village-Semkovo Hut- Treshtenik Tourist Village


This three-day walk offers a look around the Southern slopes of Rila National Park. This part of Rila Mountain is rich in history and tradition, its nature is well-known for the ancient forests, clear waters, glacier lakes, waterfalls and high peaks. The trail starts at Dobarsko Village along a wide road and reaches the Hut Semkovo (1750m/5740 ft) on the first day. It offers nice views to Pirin Mountain. During the second day the walk starts from the Hut Semkovo and climbs up to the saddle Gorni Kuki on the high mountain ridge between the hut Granchar and the hut Rizni Ezera. From this crossroad it is possible to continue the walk to one of the 2000m-high peaks of Musala Ridge near it: Srednya Vrah (2531 m/8304 ft). However, this continuation depends on the conditions and the snow at the moment. The third day is for the forest trail from Semkovo hut to Treshtenik Tourist village near Yakoruda Town. This trail is along old forest roads and goes through the area of Vranchevo.
Semkovo Hut is well-maintained. It is located on the edge of a beautiful small lake. In Semkovo resort there are ski lifts and slopes with a total length of 4 km. This village is a perfect place to extend the walk with several days. It is a crossing point of many eco-trails. One of them goes to The Dancing Bears Park.
Dobarsko Village is famous for its thousand-year-old church “St.St.Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat”. Yakoruda Town is famous for its hot spring waters and it is a stop of the entertaining narrow-gauge train. Both villages offer a nice accommodation in small family hoses.


   DAY 1  DAY 2  DAY 3
Starting point:  Dobarsko Village (1050 m / 3445 ft) Semkovo Hut (1750 m / 5740 ft) Semkovo Hut (1750 m / 5740 ft)
Finishing point: Semkovo Hut (1750 m / 5740 ft) Semkovo Hut (1750 m / 5740 ft) Treshtenik Resort (1750 m / 5740 ft)
Highest point: 1750 m / 5740 ft Srednya Vrah peak (2531 m / 8304 ft) (1750 m / 5740 ft)
Ascent: 700 m / 2297 ft 781 m / 2562 ft No
Descent: No 781 m / 2562 ft No
Time: 5 hrs and 30 mins 5 hrs 5 hrs and 30 mins
Difficulty: Medium Challenging Medium
Special equipment: Snowshoes Snowshoes and crampons Snowshoes