Govedartsi Village - Mechit Hut- Govedartsi Village


This three-day walk explores the Northern-Western part of Rila National Park. The area is strewn with high peaks (over 2500 m) that give it an Alpine appearance. The trail starts and finishes at Govedartsi Village along a wide road and reaches the Hut Mechit (1670m) in the first day. During the second day the walk starts from the Hut Mechit and continues to a saddle on the main Malyovitsa ridge along so called “Royal road” that is an old high-mountain road. From this saddle it is possible to prolong the walk to one of the highest peaks near it: Budachki kamak or Golyam Mechit. However, this depends on the weather conditions and the snow cover at the moment. Mechit Hut is a well-maintained and managed hut. It is located on the edge of a beautiful glade. There is a restaurant. The building is supplied with water and electricity. Near the hut there is a small ski lift and slope, appropriate for children and beginners. The third day is for the returning back to Govedartsi village. This village is a perfect place to extend the walk with several days. It is a cross point of many trails: to Malyovitsa Hut, to Vada Hut, to Zekiritsa peak and to Ovanarsko area. It offers a nice accommodation at small family hoses.


   DAY 1  DAY 2  DAY 3
Starting point:  Govedartsi Village (1150 m / 3772 ft) Mechit Hut (1670 m / 5480 ft) Mechit Hut (1670 m / 5480 ft)
Finishing point: Mechit Hut (1670 m / 5480 ft) Mechit Hut (1670 m / 5480 ft) Govedartsi Village (1150 m/3772 ft)
Highest point: 1670 m / 5480 ft 2380 m / 7808 ft 1670 m / 5480 ft
Ascent: 520 m / 1706 ft 710 m / 2330 ft No
Descent: No 710 m / 2330 ft 520 m / 1706 ft
Time: 2 hrs and 30 min 4 hrs and 30 mins 2 hrs
Difficulty: Easy Challenging Easy
Special equipment: No Snowshoes and crampons No