From the list below choose one of our FAQs topics, then read. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us at
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Why should I book with you?

For several reasons. First of all we take great care of preparing your itinerary in such a way as to ensure that you will tread the best trails and see the most beautiful places for that limited amount of time you can afford to hike. Secondly, when you book with us you won't be worrying about shelter (it might be nice mountain hotel on the top of a ridge, family guesthouse in a picturesque village, or hut near beautiful tarn in high mountain corrie) and food (always the best available). And, finally our prices are very attractive.

What kind of excursion do you offer?
Our excursions are guided and selfguided. If you want to hike in the mountains on your own we will gladly share with you any kind of information. For example we can tell you about possible routes, places to stay, timetables of buses and many other things. But we do not make any reservations because your party should be free to choose where to stay and make changes if a need arises. So, we supply you with information, we do not take money for this information and we do not bear responsibility for your journey.

How long are your excursions?
There are no limits. From a weekend inspiring climb to some magnificent peak to month-long far and wide journey through wilderness.

I want to walk a trail that is not listed on your web site. Will you organise it for me?
We would be delighted to. Simply contact us by email on
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us which mountain(s) you are interested in, how many hours you'd like to walk each day, duration of your vacation and the number of people in your party and we will make the best itinerary for you.

Do you arrange luggage transfers between overnights along the trail?
Sometimes we do, sometimes we do not. As a rule in the high mountains (Rila and Pirin) for the variety of reasons (one of them lack of roads between the huts) people travel from hut to hut carrying all their belongings in a rucksack. In Rhodopes mountains it is possible to organise luggage transfers between overnight stops.

Where will I stay?
On our excursions, with each night spent at a different location, we make use mostly of small family hotels and huts. They all have warm and friendly atmosphere. Some of the accommodations are in en-suite rooms with private bathrooms, but in the huts and chalets high up in the mountains, the accommodation may not provide private facilities.

I'm a vegetarian / have a special diet, can you cater for this?
Yes. Vegetarian meals, vegan meals and special restricted diets are always available. Please tell us of this requirement when booking.

What is included in the tour price?
The price includes all meals (breakfast, packed lunch, dinner), accommodation, transport, mountain rescue insurance and guide’s fee. The price does not include plane/railroad tickets to and from Sofia, personal travel insurance, drinks and entrance fees for museums, caves, etc.

I'm travelling on my own, can I go for one of your holidays?
Yes, you can.

How do I get to the start of the tour?
We shall meet you at Sofia aimport or Sofia main railroad terminal.

How do I get back at the end of the tour?
We will transport you to Sofia airport or Sofia main railroad terminal at the right time to catch your plane or train.

Do I need any travel insurance?
Yes, it is vital to buy your travel insurance in your country before leaving for Bulgaria. In addition we can buy for you and your party a local mountain rescue insurance which will be included in the price.

How should I prepare for my trip?
To get the maximum enjoyment out of your walking tour you should be in good shape. You should also make sure that your footwear is comfortable. If you are going to wear boots you've had for some time, make sure that they will last the tour out. If you are going to buy new boots for the tour make sure that you have worn them on several walks before the tour.

What need I to take with me?
1. Good rucksack, of about 65 litres capacity, with a couple of external zip-up pockets and waterproof liner, should be robust and feel comfortable
2. Small day pack
3. Boots – the most important item, should fit well, have good ankle support, sturdy soles and sturdy sides, with good grip on the soles, should be used already by you at least twice.
4. Sandals or runners for the non-walking time
5. Flip-flops or slippers for the evenings in the hotels and huts
6. Four pairs of socks
7. Three changes of underwear
8. Three long-sleeved shirts
9. Two pairs of trousers, should be robust and light enough to dry quickly after washing or if you get wet, should be of a looser fit than you normally wear to allow freedom of movement
10. Waterproof jacket with hood
11. Polar or woolen pullover
12. Gloves and woolen hat
13. Sun hat with broad brim to protect the vulnerable nose and the back of the neck
14. Sun glasses
15. Swimsuit, just in case
16. Water bottle
17. Torch or head torch and spare set of batteries
18. Pocket knife
19. Loud whistle to summon assistance in emergency
20. Towel and a piece of soap
21. A roll or two of toilet paper
22. Tube of high factor sun lotion to protect your face and neck
23. Lip balm
24. Small amount of washing liquid for washing clothes
25. Medical kit – paracetamol for headaches, aspirin for inflammations in the joints, plasters for small cuts, antiseptic cream to prevent infection, mosquito repellent, etc.

Also you can take one or two extendible walking poles. They are extremely useful when you are going down hill and when you are fording streams.
Gaiters are not essential in summer/autoumn.
Ensure that all your gear is thoroughly waterproof. Put all your items in heavy duty plastic bags, and then put the plastic bags in the rucksack.