Bodrost Resort  - Macedonia Hut - Bodrost Resort 


This three-day-walk explores the Southwestern part of Rila National Park. The area is the lowest region of Rila Mountain. However, this part has exceptional wealth and diversity of plants. The path skirts along the northern border of Parangalitsa Reserve throughout the whole time. The trail starts and finishes at the resort Bodrost near Blagoevgrad city. It is along the river Bistritsa and follows a wide cartway. During the first day the path reaches the saddle Mechi Prohod where the Hut Macedonia (2166 m / 7106 ft) is situated. During the second day there are two possibilities to climb up some of the highest peaks in the region: Golyam Mechi Vrah (2617 m / 8586 ft) or Malak Mechi Vrah (2474 m / 8116 ft). The choice will depend on the weather conditions and the snow at the moment. Macedonia Hut is recently renovated and well-managed hut. The hut keepers offer food. The building is supplied with water and electricity. Near the resort Bodrost there is a cabin lift and a ski slope appropriate for beginners and advanced skiers. The third day is for the returning back to Bodrost resort. 

   DAY 1  DAY 2  DAY 3
Starting point:  Bodrost resort (1250 m / 4100 ft)  Macedonia Hut (2166 m / 7106 ft) Macedonia Hut (2166 m/ 7106 ft)
Finishing point: Macedonia Hut (2166 m/ 7106 ft) Macedonia Hut (2166 m/ 7106 ft) Bodrost resort (1250 m / 4100 ft) 
Highest point: 2166 m / 7106 ft 2617 m / 8586 ft or 2474 m / 8116 ft 2166 m / 7106 ft
Ascent: 916 m / 3005 ft 451 m / 1480 ft or 308 m / 1010 ft No
Descent: No 451 m / 1480 ft or 308 m / 1010 ft 916 m / 3005 ft
Time: 3 hrs 3 hrs and 30 mins / 2 hrs and 30 mins 2 hrs and 30 mins
Difficulty: Easy Challenging Easy
Special equipment: No Snowshoes and crampons No