In alphabetical order

  Arbanasi (Арбанаси) 
Arbanasi is an architectural reserve, a village superbly located on a high plateau over the Yantra River Valley in the vicinity of town of Veliko Tarnovo. In the heyday of the place several centuries ago wealthy locals built their fortified houses which are surprisingly cozy and beautiful inside, as well as many churches and monasteries.
Bachkovo Monastery
Bachkovo Monastery (Бачковски манастир)

Bachkovo Monastery is located in a picturesque place at the foothills of the Rhodopes Mountains, in the vicinity of the town of Asenovgrad. It was founded by two wealthy Bysantine nobles, the Bakuriani brothers from Georgian descent. It is the second largest Bulgarian Monastery and it is featured by lovely atmosphere.
Balkan Range
Balkan range (Стара планина)

The Balkan mountainrange (Stara Planina) is situated in the hearth of Bulgaria, dividing it in two almost equal parts – Northern Bulgaria and Southern Bulgaria.
Belogradchik Roks (Белоградчики скали)

Rock formations up to 200 meters high in the vicinity of the town of Belogradchik in the foothills of the Western Balkan Range. They form a 30 km long and 3 km wide strip.
 Borivetc   Borovetc (Боровец)

Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria located at the foothills of the Rila Mountains, an hour drive from the capital city of Sofia. The place is very atmospheric, surrounded by dense spruce forest and close to the highest mountain peak in Balkan Peninsula – Mousalla Peak (2925 meters above sea level).
 Chairite   Chairite (Чаирите)
A very beautiful hollow place with pastures and several small landslide lakes surrounded by dense coniferous forest and hay stack shaped peaks in the heart of the Rhodopes Mountains. The nearest villages are Trigrad and Mougla.
Devil's Bridge
  Devil's Bridge (Дяволски мост)

A very imposing and magnificent humpbacked stone bridge on the Arda River in the heart of the Rhodopes Mountains. It was built by local builders in the 15th century out of local stone.
 Dyavolsko Garlo Cave   Dyavolsko Garlo Cave (Дяволско гърло)

A huge cave big enough to host a cathedral, formed millions of years ago by the restless waters of Trigradska River deep in the limestone rocks.
 Etara   Etara (Етъра)

An architectural and ethnographical museum in the open air situated close to town of Gabrovo, in the foothills of the Central Balkan Range. It consists of many workshops where traditional handicrafts such as pottery, woodcarving, icon painting, cutlery, weaving, and many others, are practiced. The visitors are welcomed to try what they can do following craftsmen’s instructions and advise.
 Glojene Monastery  
Glojene Monastery (Гложенски манастир)

A picturesque monastery at the foothills of the Balkan Mountains close to the town of Teteven.
 Hisar   Hisar (Хисар)

It was an old Roman settlement with well preserved walls of the fortress surrounding the so-called “inner city”. Now a booming mineral spa resort at the foothills of Sredna Gora Mountians.
 Koprivshtitsa   Koprivshtitsa (Копривщица)

An architectural and historical reserve. This small town is located along the two banks of a river running through a beautiful valley hidden among the hills of Sredna Gora Mountains.
 Krushuna   Krushuna (Крушуна)

A cascade of waterfalls near the village of Krushuna, which is located in the foothills of Central Balkan Range, in the vicinity of town of Lovetch. The waterfalls are very picturesque with many terraces, pools, and lush vegetation around.
 Madara horseman   Madara (Мадара)

A lovely village, close to the village of Pliska (first capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom) known for the famous – a figure of a knight triumphing over a lion carved into a 100-m-high cliff. This site is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
 Melnik   Melnik (Мелник)  

A small and very attractive town, located at the southern foothills of Pirin Mountians near the famous Melnik sandstone formations resembling cones and pyramids. Melnik is famous for its red wine cellars, as well.
 Melnik   Perpericon (Перперикон)  

An ancient Thracian city entirely graved into the rocks of the hill of Perpericon in the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains, in the vicinity of the town of Kardjali. On the hilltop there is a fortress – an acropolis. A temple-palace is situated just below the acropolis, and there are two outer cities on the Northern and Southern sides of the hill. Some archaeologists believe that Perpericon is the place of the legendary Dionisus temple.
 Pirin Mountain   Pirin Mountains (Пирин планина) 

Pirin Mountain rises between the deep valleys of the Struma and Mesta rivers. It is the second highest mountain in Bulgaria with the highest peak Vihren (2916 m). The mountain is 40 km wide and 80 km long and comprises the southwestern part of the mountain.
 Pliska   Pliska (Плиска)

Now a small and quiet village situated in the steppes of North-Eastern Bulgaria thirteen centuries ago it was the first capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. In the vicinity of the present day village there are the remnants of the old capital.
 Plovdiv   Plovdiv (Пловдив) 
The second largest city in Bulgaria. As a cultural capital of the country it abounds with old houses from Bulgarian Renaissance, art galleries and a well preserved Roman amphitheatre still in use.
 Rila Monastery   Rila Mountain (Рила планина)

The Rila Mountain is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and the whole Balkan Peninsula. The highest point of the mountain is Mousala peak (2925 m).
 Rila Monastery   Rila Monastery (Рилски манастир)

The biggest and the most famous amongst all the monasteries in Bulgaria. It was founded in the 10-th century by St. John of Rila, and in the following centuries was the center of Bulgarian cultural and spiritual life. The Rila Monastery is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
 Rhodopes mountain   Rhodopes mountain (Родопи планина) 

The Rhodopes are vast and very old mountains to the south of Bulgaria. The Rhodopes comprises of many rolling mountain ridges divided by deep river valleys and spacious hollows.
 Rojen Monastery
Rojen Monastery (Роженски манастир)

A picturesque monastery at the southern foothills of the Pirin Mountains close to the town of Melnik.
 Chairite   Shiroka Laka (Широка лъка) 

A village in the central part of the Rhodopes Mountains, architectural and ethnographical reserve.
 Skalni Mostove   Skalni Mostove (Скални мостове)

Two impressive earthen bridges over a small river deep in the heart of the Rhodopes Mountains. Millions of years ago the river made a cave in the rocks but later on an earthquake destroyed part of the ceiling and two bridges came into being.
 Sofia by Night   Sofia (София)

The capital city of Bulgaria.
Spell-bound wedding 
  Spell-bound wedding (Каменната сватба) 

Fantastic rock formations, resembling people, horses, and birds. It is located 3 km from the town of Kardjali, in the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains. The legend says that the mother of the bride was too slow to join the wedding party and in despair cursed them to stay still. And everybody was petrified.
 Starosel   Starosel (Старосел) 

A village at the foot of the Sredna Gora Mountains know for two well preserved Thracian tombs in its vicinity.
 Trigrad gorge   Trigrad gorge (Триградско ждрело)

A magnificent gorge cut in high rocks by Trigradska River. In the narrower part of the gorge the river disappears under the surface in the big cave called Dyavolsko Garlo. The rock walls on both sides of the gorge are very high and almost vertical.
 Chairite   Veliko Tarnovo (Велико Търново)

The capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, superbly situated in the deep valley of the meandering Yantra River. On the surrounding hills are the remnants of the palaces of the kings, fortresses, monasteries and churches, all of them magnificent and splendid.

Yagodina cave (Ягодинска пещера)

A fabulously beautiful cave abounding in of stalactites and stalagmites, some of them in bizarre colours due to contained metal deposits in the rocks.