Bulgaria is a hiking paradise. This relatively small country abounds in a lot of mountains – big and small, high and not so high. In the alpine type mountains, such as the Rila Mountains and Pirin Mountains, pyramidal peaks and steep aretes divide magnificent corries with cobalt blue glacial lakes. Older mountains such as the Stara Planina Mountains (the Balkan Range) and Rhodopes Mountains, are a mixture of gently rolling hills and mighty rounded peaks, topped with rocky wreaths and rugs of flowers and green grass. Slopes are densely forested with oak, beech, spruce and pine species.

A vast network of trails exists in the Bulgarian mountains and numerous mountain huts and hotels, and family guesthouses are waiting for you to offer their hospitality and their delicious home made food.

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We at bghike.com are specialists in guided and self guided walking, hiking and trekking holidays in the mountains of Bulgaria. We are eager to show you the stunning beauty of the Pirin Mountains, the Balkan Range, the Rila Mountains and the Rhodopes Mountains. Our purpose is to give you the opportunity to walk the most scenic trails and see the most breathtaking views.

How do we achieve this noble goal? First you tell us how many days you can spare for your hiking holiday, how many hours you are ready to walk every day, and what kind of natural beauties you would like to see. Then we carefully design your itinerary in such a way as to ensure that you will visit the most interesting places for the proposed duration of your hiking holiday. Upon your approval we make all the necessary reservations. Food and shelter provided, you do not need to carry heavy rucksacks and this way you can avoid luggage transfers, which are either impossible (in the Pirin Mountains and Rila Mountains where there are no roads between huts) or involve long detours and considerable costs (in the Rhodopes Mountains and in the Balkan Range).




Our guides are highly experienced mountaineers. Their extensive knowledge and their enthusiasm make sure that your hiking vacation will be unforgettable.

But if you and your party want to explore the mountains without local guide we are ready to help and give you any relevant information you’ll need. In that case we are not going to book your accommodations in order to let you make your own choices at any stage of your trek.